Focus is the real key to success at Futuris, and we prefer to be a quiet over-achiever. However we make a point of celebrating success, and it is a testament to our people that we continue to win global awards, accolades and testimonials through delivering a unique service to our customers. From auto magazine reviews using words such as ‘the best seats… ever’ and ‘the seats themselves are simply spectacular’, to global design and innovation awards, to customer awards for partner and supply chain excellence, to people awards for safety and wellbeing leadership, the list gets longer.

We believe in creating sustainable, committed and long term partnerships to deliver win-win opportunities for all involved. Futuris continues to develop such partnerships around the globe, and has a range of long term joint venture partners, enabling us to provide both local and global solutions and to enter new markets. Also key to this success are the partnerships we have with our aligned and strategic suppliers.

Futuris is a great place to work. The culture, ethics and attitude of the management teams set the standard for everyone to follow. We pride ourselves on having workplaces that are open and egalitarian, where integrity, autonomy and respect for others are paramount. Our core values embody responsibility for safety and wellbeing, promotion of an environment where people can be the best they can be, delivering the best results through teamwork, having practical plans for success, leadership demonstrated by all and everyone striving for continuous business improvement. It’s a winning mix.

At Futuris we maintain high ethical standards and a culture that values honesty, integrity, transparency and respect for others. We are committed to our employees and shareholders, and to providing a safe, clean and fair working environment for everyone to work within. We are also committed to supporting the local communities where we are located around the world and to developing innovative and sustainable products and processes for the future, whilst reducing waste through all that we do.