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<span>[</span> What does ‘comfortable’ mean?<span> ]</span>

[ What does ‘comfortable’ mean? ]

The dictionary defines comfortable as ‘producing or affording physical comfort, support, or ease’ so it is obvious that comfort should be one of the cornerstones of any seating company. But what defines comfortable vs uncomfortable, and as a seating designer, whose opinion carries more weight…

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<span>[</span>The globalisation of design<span> ]</span>

[The globalisation of design ]

It was back in 2004 when Futuris Automotive Interiors embarked on global expansion into Asia, building partnerships and factories in China, and then moving into the US and Thailand. Futuris is Australia’s largest automotive parts manufacturer but without a strong presence in the emerging markets,…

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<span>[</span> Light-weighting car seats<span> ]</span>

[ Light-weighting car seats ]

Today, more than ever, we need our cars to go further on less. Whether we are pumping gas into a tank or electricity into a battery, we are on a relentless drive to reduce the impact of our cars on the environment and on our…

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<span>[</span> The changing space and changing face of car interiors<span> ]</span>

[ The changing space and changing face of car interiors ]

Right now is a pretty exciting time to be a designer.  Consumption trends are pushing design to the top of the ladder for differentiation.  Customers’ expectations are evolving all the time and it is vitally important that the design brief evolves with them.  As we…

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<span>[</span> The importance of seating ergonomics in car interiors <span>]</span>

[ The importance of seating ergonomics in car interiors ]

The interior of a car can have a deep impact over the physical as well as mental health of the driver and passengers. The seats in any vehicle are one of the primary focal points of OEM design studios because they determine the position of…

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